Welding unit

Pneumatic units used on all MWM versions

Realised using CNC in anodised Ergal, there are 2 types available: WUF without balancing, WUSC with balancing

3 versions of electrode thrust: 470 – 930 – 1400 kg. Single stroke of the top electrode: 150 mm.

3 versions of useful depth: 130 – 250 – 400 mm.

Main technical characteristic of these units: welding force is discharged on body of unit itself without affecting machine structure nor part to be welded

Lower welding unit with mobile centring pin for bushings, nuts and screws; a controlled compressed air blow keeps electrode and pin clean at the end of each welding


  • Nut presence check and boss orientation
  • Bushing presence check
  • Screw presence check



Without balancing


With balancing